5 Quick Rules of Hiking Etiquette

You have had a busy week at work. That big report is due and the phone just keeps ringing off the hook. You are stressed to the max but it is all worth it. You are going hiking this weekend. The time finally comes for your peace and quiet as you start walking. You are enjoying nature and all if its beauty. Then all of a sudden you start to hear music. You round the corner and see it.

The Ultimate First Aid Kit Includes All Of This

Almost everyone agrees that taking a first aid kit on the trail is a good idea. Where people draw the line on what to take is another story. Some people take a few ibuprofen and some band-aids while others take an entire survival bug out kit. In this article I will be listing out everything an ultimate first aid kit would include.

10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items When On The Trail

We all have done it. Unless you have a good checklist it is inevitable you will for get something somewhere along the way. I know I almost always forget something sometimes it is no big deal and sometimes it is worse. Here is a list of the top 10 forgotten items when out backpacking.

Choose A Backpack You Can Wear Comfortably

As many hikers will tell you you will probably end up going through several backpacks if you hike or backpack for any length of time. I know I have went through several and some of which have been bad decisions. I am writing this article to help you know what to expect and look for when choosing a backpack.