10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items When On The Trail

We all have done it. Unless you have a good checklist it is inevitable you will for get something somewhere along the way. I know I almost always forget something sometimes it is no big deal and sometimes it is worse. Here is a list of the top 10 forgotten items when out backpacking.

1. Bug Repellent

Bug Repellent is the number one forgotten item when going out on the trail based on a survey I conducted. Dont let the mosquitoes and other small insects ruin your trip by forgetting this commonly forgotten item.

2. Sunglasses

Most hikers leave their vehicle early in the morning when they don’t need their sunglasses only to realize they need them later. While usually not a major problem if you are hiking in the covered wood it can be dangerous in snow covered areas because of snow blindness.

3. Rain Jacket

If you are like me it almost never fails to rain on me at some point during my trip. Forgetting a rain jacket can cause you to spend the rest of your trip wet. Of course wearing breathable clothes that will dry fast will help you out if you forget your rain jacket.

4. Toilet Paper

This is one of those items that is simply not thought about until the time comes to use it. If forgotten you may end up looking for leaves and smooth rocks.

5. Spork or Other Eating Utensil

Meal time comes along and you have just made your favorite Mountain House freeze-dried meal and you realize you have no way of eating it. Forgetting this item will have you eating with your hands or using sticks like chopsticks.

6. Extra Batteries

Packing extra batteries may not be thought about because everything is working when it is packed. The problem is when the batteries do dead thats when you realize it would be nice to have another set of batteries with you.

7. Headlamp or Other Light

Night time comes along and you are having a hard time seeing. You look in your backpack and realize that you have forgotten your headlamp. Now you will be hoping it is a full moon tonight.

8. Duct Tape

The uses for Duct Tape are countless. You can repair gear, create splints, and cover blisters just to name a few. It is just silly to go on the trail without it.

9. Camera

While not everyone wants to have a camera with them on the trail most people do. Don’t be on the trail looking at the prettiest sight in the world without your camera.

10. Soap

While you may not be planning on taking a full shower you still may need it to wash dishes or your hands before eating. Choose something biodegradable likeĀ Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

The best way to over come forgetting the items on this list and any other item you do not want to forget is to have a good checklist. Having a complete checklist of things you are going to take with you is almost a must especially for newcomers to hiking and backpacking.

Please comment below and let us know what is something you tend to always forget when going hiking or backpacking?