20 Alternate Uses For Your Trekking Poles You Should Know

Everyone knows the main reasons to use trekking poles when hiking. Things such getting a faster pace or keeping your balance on loose rock. But there are actually many more uses for your trekking poles that you may not be aware of. Here is my list of 20 alternate uses for your trekking poles you should know about.

  1. Use to clear spider webs out of the trail so that you do not walk in them.
  2. Use as a medical splint if you break a leg.
  3. Test the depth of water when crossing puddles or streams.
  4. Use them to lean on and rest your back.
  5. Check for snakes and other animals behind rocks and bushes.
  6. Use as a camera monopod.
  7. Use it to pole things you don’t want to touch such as a dead animal or campfire.
  8. Prop your pack up on it when you are not wearing it.
  9. Knock fruit out of the trees when you cannot reach it.
  10. Draw in the dirt to leave signals for others behind you.
  11. Move the thorns out of the way.
  12. Use to assist in picking up trash on the ground.
  13. Use as a hat rack.
  14. Use to hang wet clothes on to dry.
  15. Bluff against black bears and other animals by swinging overhead.
  16. Defend against animals and people if it comes to it.
  17. Clack them together as a noise maker to scare off unwanted animals such as bears or mountain lions.
  18. Rake things into your reach that may be floating away or out of reach.
  19. Stick out to let others grab when they need it such as crossing water or pulling up a steep hill.
  20. Use as tarp or tent poles when setting up camp.

As you can see there are so many uses for your trekking pole. With this many uses it is just silly to not take trekking poles when hiking.

Comment below and let me know if I missed a use for your trekking pole.